A collaborative spirit between these two is so evident. Check out the finger pointing to their choice on the computer. Working in pairs and groups of threes has become common practice between the Bitty Brown Bats in the Honeysuckle Vine room. These children chose the computer as their thinking choice during out thinking choice time. They have had some experience with the emergent literacy/math program that they’re viewing in this photo. Before coming to the computer they made a plan about what they might do at this area in our room. On this day they chose a math game with a monkey who manipulates coins as the children move the mouse.  A lot of good thinking stuff is happening here:

  • Manipulation of a mouse to maneuver the game
  • Thinking about numbers
  • Making choices
  • Collaboration



Our room parents have come up with the idea of Secret Pals with the children leading up to our holiday time next week.  Tomorrow the children will randomly select a child.  The idea is to be helpful, kind, and loving to this friend.  Also each child will make a homemade gift at home, wrap it up and give it on Wednesday of next week.  Please have the gift at school on Monday Morning so that we can assess who still needs a gift.  The idea is powerful and simple to do.  We do it all the time in the BBB/HV room.  Ideas for gifts:

  • a homemade card
  • a stone
  • A drawing
  • a painting
  • please, nothing store bought, and no stress;  make it fun and tell the children that gift giving is just one way we show our love and care for each other.


  • Friendship House collection of gloves, mittens, hats and scarves still happening
  • The children have Spanish and PE tomorrow.
  • Wilderness Wilderness on Wednesday
  • Burke Scienctists on Thursday





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