It’s Observing Me, Inviting Me, and Welcoming Me into Its Outside Habitat.

IMG_3053 IMG_3054 IMG_3055 IMG_3057

I’m living on a farm for almost six weeks this summer.  Chickens and roosters are part of the outdoor decorum.  As the chickens cackle and the roosters crow, thoughts of Snowball and Pineapple, two chicks that we helped bring into our world, the Princess and Ranger room, fondly inhabit my cognitive sense of memory.

Featured in this blog are photos of snowball.  Snowball was a rebel in that he (we think Snowball was a rooster) loved to perch on the side of the makeshift house the children created.  He was observant, interactive, and longed to be with us;  he considered us family/peers.  Pineapple was much more like me, bent on living in the background.  Chicks and roosters, too, exhibit diverse characteristics.

I was reminded that all living beings, innately, long to communicate, to know each other.  As I write this blog post, there’s an interesting bird perched on a branch above my head chirping to me in its own unique language.  It’s observing me, inviting me, and welcoming me into its outside habitat.  I’m sitting under a big oak tree writing this post as I often do while living on the farm.  Outdoor living is a beloved feature of farm life.

The children were perfect companions for Snowball and Pineapple; they were never too busy to “just be” with the chicks.

In reflection, I learned another one of life’s important lessons FROM the children; time is valuable and should be spent doing important stuff.  What better way to feed the soul than to spend time with Snowball and Pineapple.

I DO love living with children!


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