In Contrast, the Children Were Just Excited about the Opportunity to Show Love to a Visitor, Not So Aware about Her Importance.


One of the highlights of the year was a visit from Mama Sarah Obama, President Barack Obama’s grandmother from Kenya.  In this post you can see the children presenting “We Are Family” to Mama Sarah through song and dance.

We prepared for Mama Sarah’s visit several weeks in advance when we were notified that she would be making a stop on her tour of schools to the Pre K Princess and Ranger room at Horace Mann.  In preparation for her visit, the children held meetings regarding how to welcome such an important person.

The children decided that we needed to make, not buy, gifts to present to Mama Sarah.  The picture below is a bracelet presented to Mama Sarah made by the children using recycled beads.  They also presented her with a matching necklace and various other gifts.  IMG_1023I was excited about welcoming the President’s Grandmother from Kenya.  That is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  In contrast the children were just excited about the opportunity to show LOVE to a visitor, not so aware about her importance.  For them, every visitor was equally important, and every visitor was worthy of fanfare.

The children remarked about her beautiful, blue dress.  One child exclaimed, “Her dress is so beautiful!  It’s just like the frozen dress!”

The children were comfortable with her age since we support intergenerational work with a community senior adult facility.  Though Mama Sarah didn’t speak English, the children communicated most effectively with her through song, dance, presentation of gifts, and LOVE, an attribute that permeates all barriers.


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