Dear Parents,

I am so grateful for your support!  Thank you so much for attending Parent Meeting #3.  I enjoyed sharing second quarter work of the children with you.  You got a snapshot into the weekly life of a Pre K Pony:)

Empathy is a big theme of ours this year.  Trying to understand what that means and making it real in the lives of 4 year old children is a big project for us.  Thanks for sharing your love by making original valentines for all of the children.  You showed your skills in the language of love by creating such beautiful gifts for the children.  They’ll be so excited as we present these to them on Valentine’s Day.

Here are some pictures of your LOVE creations for the children:

DSC09777 Valentines

DSC09778 valentines

DSC09779 valentines

DSC09780 valentines

DSC09781 valentines

DSC09782 valentines

DSC09783 valentine

Parents, thank you so much for being at our second parent meeting so early in the morning.  We had good discussions about our first quarter work with the children and about projected work.

As always, it’s fun to explore materials.  It also seems like the quality of the work rises when we have a purpose such as making gifts for our Grand Oaks friends.  Here are some pictures of you using natural and man-made materials to create beautiful, caring gifts for our Grand Oaks friends.  I am not sure who was more excited – our Friends from Grand Oaks, the children, or you?

Working with Ribbon

Working with natural and man-made materials

Being Really Creative with a Floppy Disc and Sea Shells

Applying Cotton

Who Wouldn’t Want to Get This Gift?

Here are some pictures from our first parent night.  Parents viewed a Reggio Emilia inspired project.  After the presentation, parents took part in a materials workshop.  The children had brought in a piece of cloth with special meaning to them.  Parents used these scraps to make weavings.

Bamboo loom

Cardboard loom

The above loom is a collaborative project begun by pre kindergarten students two years ago and completed by the parents of the present pre kindergarten class.

Hands weaving

Completed weavings ready for the children in the morning


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