You Can’t Miss Us…


You can’t miss us;  we’re the ones in the bright orange Mann Tee Shirts.  Yesterday our plans changed a bit; a field trip never-the-less, but a destination change.  Sixty-eight degrees and overcast skies seemed just a bit cool for splashing around in fountains in our swim suits.  So off we went to the Natural History Museum.

You can see us in the photo to the right making our way across the mall, hand in hand eagerly anticipating our visit to the museum.  In the left photo you’re looking at two of the Bitty Brown Bats examining a display in a glass case in the ocean animals area.

I was reminded again of the joy of being four and five year old children when we were having lunch on the mall.  After all the cool stuff we had just seen inside of the museum the children were equally fascinated with holes that that discovered in the ground.  Children understand that learning happens everywhere.


  • ECLIPSE classes tomorrow morning
  • Monday and Tuesday of next week, water mornings.  Children should come to school wearing their bathing suits under their clothes, underwear in a labeled zip lock bag large enough to place wet bathing suits in afterwards and a beach towel.  Please apply sunscreen at home.

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