What An Awesome Trip!

On Friday of last week we took a city bus to the White House.  What an awesome trip!  To feel the history in that place and to know that so many of our United States Presidents lived there.

The Bitty Brown Bats were awesome!  Riding the bus seemed in many ways to be an everyday event for them.  We were lucky, no long wait times for buses.  The wait at the security area of the White House was a longer wait, but the Bats busied themselves with reading maps and picking up pieces of bark to use as make-believe props to occupy their wait time.

When we were called to the security desk to give our information the Bats gave their full names and birthdays.  Security was so impressed;  they said that many older children can’t do that.

Once inside the White House we got to see rooms on the first floor.  The picture in this post features Bats and their families looking, listening and reading.

After the self-guided tour the Bats had pizza at a local pizza place near the White House.  Thanks, Parents, for helping to make this trip possible.  I am almost sixty-four years old, and I can now say that I have visited the People’s House, the White House.


Family breakfast this Wednesday, June 7, from 8:00 to 8:30 in the Honeysuckle Vine room.

We’re still going on a field trip.  We’ve changed the destination of our field trip since it appears that the weather will be rainy and chilly on that day, not a perfect day for getting wet.  We’ll visit the Natural History Museum.


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