Our Parents Surprised Us with a “Dear” Celebration.

On our Wild Wilderness Wednesday hike yesterday we returned to the site where we first discovered two deer that changed our 2016/17 Pre K experience.

Our parents surprised us with a “DEAR” celebration. As we descended the hill into the meadow where we play every Wednesday, from afar we noticed a group of people around a picnic table.  The closer we got the more the people were recognizable.  And then when the children were certain about the identity of the people as their parents, the mad rush to get to them began.

Parents had quite a spread of goodies for our celebration: water bottles to quench our thirst from the long hike, little munchkin doughnuts, yogurt and sweet watermelon to satisfy our hungry stomachs.

After refreshments and some time with our parents, we headed back to the meadow to our favorite tree stumps and mulberry tree. We climbed the mulberry tree pretending we were flying a spaceship, and we collected mulberries and wild strawberries to place in the hallowed out stumps as food for the deer.

THANKS, Parents, for an experience we will remember forever!!!

Love the Bitty Brown Bats, Maggie and Darrell



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