Two children chose to work on the deer hooves. They decided to shop in our natural items area and in the bag containing natural items from our Wild Wilderness Wednesday hikes. The two hoof creators chose pieces of aged tree bark to create the hooves. Each hoof would be fashioned using two pieces of bark. To secure the two pieces of bark together, the children stapled a piece of wire to the bark pieces and then wound the wire around the two pieces of bark. They pushed the remaining wire through the center of the two pieces of bark and then wound the two pieces tightly together. Using a ladder and Darrell’s support one child wound the piece of extended wire sticking out from the center of the two pieces of bark through holes at the bottom of the chicken wire acting as the feet.


  • Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 31, we’re having a surprise party celebration for the children in the woods where the children first saw the deer.  Parents are invited to join us.
  • Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 31, 6:00-7:30, Pre K New Parent Reception.  New Parents and Parents of this pre K class are invited.
  • Friday, June 2, White House Tour, 10:30-11:30.  Children should bring their DC One Cards to ride the N2 City Bus.  Parents, you’ll need your metro card or cash.  Please send a morning snack as usual.  No lunch required.  We’ll have lunch at a place near the White House.




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