The Cast Was Lively!



Not a great photo, but hopefully you can feel the enthusiasm that filled the Lisner auditorium this morning from 10:30-11:30. The cast was lively! We lived with Pete the Cat and some of his friends for an hour singing and dancing in our seats. I’ve been to a lot of live theater;  the audience at this live performance of Pete the Cat was the most engaged and enthusiastic audience ever! We had prepared by reading many Pete the Cat books. One of the Bitty Brown Bats wore Pete the Cat shoes and brought along a Pete the Cat stuffed animal. So even before the performance today we had begun to be in Pete the Cat mood.


We’re beginning our final deer project. We’ll be attempting to create a three dimensional deer crafted from craft chicken wire. The wire can be pokey. Please send goggles and carpenter gloves if you have any to spare. Label them so we know how to return them. Ideally, children’s goggles and gloves are best, but we’ll take whatever you can spare.

With warmer weather it’s time to replace your child’s extra change of clothing. You can swap out the winter clothing for the summer clothing and use the same labeled bag, or send in another labeled bag with summer clothing and take the winter clothes bag home.


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