“We’re Still Working on It.”



I was curious when two of the Bitty Brown Bats put their things away this morning during drop off and headed straight to our natural items area. They had a brief meeting, and then they began to sort and choose materials to continue this thinking that has been in progress for some time.

I asked them to tell me about their play. Here’s a bit of their conversation:
“You can see a birdie nest and some pieces of blue hay to use in the nest. It is there to look beautiful!  To get to the top you jump off a spring board because there is no other way to get there. We’re still working on it. It’s a cake.”

I’m fairly certain more will follow soon. They did say, “We’re still working on it.” I’m fascinated at the commitment of four and five year old children who rethink, recreate, and fine tune thinking work already in progress.


Pete the Cat play tomorrow. We’re taking a yellow school bus to the play. We were only able to secure three parent tickets and those were snatched up very quickly. No need to change any snack or lunch plans. We’ll have a snack at school before we leave and be back in time for lunch at school.


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