I Chuckled to Myself at How Children View Nature


The weather was perfect for a Wild Wilderness Wednesday. Other than snack and lunch times our whole day was spent outdoors being with nature.

We put out another message for our friends the deer. This message was a beautiful heart translated as, “We love you, Deer.”

BTW there was a deer sighting in the front yard of one of our Bats, and she is certain that it’s one of the deer we saw back in September that launched our Deer thinking/learning. I saw the picture, and I agree with her, when we put a picture of the deer we spotted in September alongside the deer she saw in her front yard, they look identical.

The children were inspired by the abundance of Dandelions. For them this marks the beginning of the celebration of spring. I chuckled to myself at how children view nature. For some, Dandelions are nasty yellow flowers choking green manicured lawn. For the children they inspire beautiful thoughts such as: “We’ll put these in water in a vase to make our room even more beautiful.”
“I’ll bring these to my Mom. She’ll love them.”

I’m with the children. As long as I can remember this day, I’ll see Dandelions as sheer beauty!

Another interesting happening was a stump with an army of ants traveling up and down. One child sat on the stump and watched the ants moving at a speed that required our heads to move rapidly up and down to keep up with them. Ants, another adult nuisance, seen by the children as one of nature’s wonders.


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