…Ramp up the Degree of Difficulty


Working with clay becomes more problematic when trying to make a figure stand! Today, a couple of the children tried to make clay deer. Up to now the children have practiced making two dimensional figures. Three dimensional figures, especially stand-alone figures, ramp up the degree of difficulty.

One of the quotes today while working with this thinking activity was, “I think we need stronger legs.” It’ll be fun to watch how this Bitty Brown Bat creates stronger legs, and whether or not the stronger legs enables the deer to stand.

Today I hand delivered to you a packet of materials for our three trips during the next several months. Please fill those out and send them back with a check made to Horace Mann PTA or cash in the amount of $25.

For the Pete the Cat trip, only three chaperones in addition to teachers. The cost for chaperones is $10. Please no siblings since we have limited tickets.

For the Zoo and the Fountain trips, we invite all of you!!!


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