They Noticed the Peculiarity…



The Bitty Brown Bats are actively aware of spaces in the Honeysuckle Vine room. In each of these spaces live projects owned by them. These projects are either dormant or active.

This morning I noticed two of the Bitty Brown Bats taking inventory of a mobile hanging above our natural items area. From time to time the children take an interest in its beauty, wonder, and movement.

I spied two of the children adding to the mobile. They were taking a close look at it and choosing other items that they could add to its existing state.

As they added items they noticed the peculiarity of its leaning to one side. They hypothesized that they could rearrange the items or add new items to the side that was tilted up.

I witnessed an in-depth, thinking/learning lesson about balance developed by these two Bitty Brown Bats.


No school tomorrow, Friday, March 31. Teachers are attending Professional Development.

The Bitty Brown Bats attended Spanish and Physical Education special classes.

Upcoming Trips:

  • Wednesday, April 12, National Zoo, We need chaperones for this trip. No fee!
  • Wednesday, May 3, Pete the Cat musical at the Lisner Auditorium on the GW campus. We need only 3 chaperones for this trip. Cost of the trip for chaperones $10 for a ticket. Please no siblings. We have limited tickets. Cost for the children $25. This will pay for the bus and the ticket.
  • Wednesday, June 7, Georgetown Fountains. We need chaperones for this trip. No fee!

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