…High Volume Need…


Looking at photos clockwise:

#1:  A pattern cat toy for Seneca is the story behind the wire and green, yellow and orange beads. This Bat was practicing knowledge of patterns, the aesthetics of patterns and empathy.

#2:  There is this constant stream of people who come to our classroom with unique repurposed items. They’ve heard about our high volume need of daily provocative materials. This is one of my favorite pieces. I’m not even sure what purpose this repurposed item served in another life, but it’s found a beautiful purpose and life in the Honeysuckle Vine room.

#3 and  #4:  A basket used for many years finally fell apart. Of course, because we use everything, we placed the straw from the basket in our natural items area. One of our Bats feeling especially creative designed a stick person.

Today the children went to PE and Spanish special classes.

Tomorrow the children will attend a sing-along with Ms. Frei.

Dates to remember:

  • Friday, March 31, No school. Professional Development Day for Teachers
  • Wednesday, April 12, Zoo trip, please consider coming with us
  • Wednesday, May 3, Pete the Cat musical trip
  • Wednesday, June 7, Family breakfast and Georgetown Fountains trip

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