And Voila, Her Inpired Creation


So many stories created by the Bitty Brown Bats today in the Honeysuckle Vine Room. Of course I’m the lucky one to experience some of these; I can’t possibly hear them all. So I’ve chosen these for this blog post:

Photo #4 clockwise:  Castles and Star Wars was the theme in our construction zone today. And in that place the stories were alive, but what stopped me in my tracks was when one of the Bats told me that he was working around another Bat’s construction work. I was so moved by his respect for the building thinking/learning of his peer. The World is a greater place with children around! They are our treasure! And this child inspired me to be more respectful of those around me.

Photo #1 clockwise:  Problem solving was the theme on our observation deck this morning. The Bats who were thinking/learning there told me that they had run out of Magna Tiles. They didn’t despair; they decided that was exactly what was supposed to happen because now their structure had no roof, so in the event of fire everyone could escape. A lesson learned for this teacher: make lemonade when you’re served lemons.

Photo #3 clockwise:  I was delighted to see that at the light table, one of the Bats created a Rainbow Heart. And on that heart she decided to place the date. She wanted people to know when her thinking/learning had taken place. In some ways she was preserving her history.
Photo #2 clockwise:  And I felt like I had been to a museum to view wire sculpture woven onto paper. Art is never as good as this when children create their own original, organic art. This Bat chose art as her thinking/choice. She examined the art area and the wire caught her eye. And VOILA, her inspired creation.



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