I Am the Learner and the Children Are the Leaders


A Train Crossing:
“The cars go over.
The trains go underground.”

This morning on my first day back since my hip surgery I practiced the “pedagogy of listening”, Carlina Rinaldi. For me that seemed like the perfect way to settle back into the Honeysuckle Vine room. This practice has become one of my favorites as a teacher. I am the learner, and the children are the leaders.

I noticed the children “crossing boundaries”, Loris Malaguzzi. They were thinking about materials available to them in all areas of the room and utilizing these materials to make their learning happen.

As I watched the children deeply devoted to their own thinking/learning I was reminded how much they’ve grown as independent learners who guide their own learning. The adults in the room join them as co-constructors of knowledge while offering the children stimuli to move their thinking to deeper levels.



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