“People Drive Cars, Deer.”


Here is our latest installment into the woods’ messages. Translated it says, “People drive cars, Deer”.

During a conversation about this message, one of the children said that deer needed to be told that so that they could be careful around roads since people drive cars. Again, the children are expressing that very important characteristic, empathy.

Today our Wild Wilderness Wednesday was sort of a backwards day. We did some shadow work inside the classroom in the morning using our new shadow screen adjacent to the observation deck and the windows.   We’ll do some comparison about shadows on overcast days versus sunny days. And we’ll follow the children’s interests in our shadow thinking as they lead us.  Following our snack time we headed outside to explore the hill, a place we love but hadn’t visited in quite awhile. After lunch we headed out to the woods to install our 7th message to the deer.


The children will make ECLIPSE class choices for Friday.

They’ll go to PE and Spanish.


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