Who Doesn’t Love a Mirror?


Be honest. Who doesn’t love a mirror? Most of us can’t walk past a mirror without stopping to stare. Sometimes it can be embarrassing when we get caught, but we all do it. Children stare without shame, and delight in being caught looking at themselves in a mirror.

I’m certain you’ve noticed the mirrors in the Honeysuckle Vine room. Children love to see themselves in action, and in almost every area of our room mirrors are reflecting children’s thinking.

Look at the intense concentration in this photo. This little red mirror moves about the room daily to accommodate the children. You can see another one leaning against the wall waiting to be snatched up by another child or even this same child.

Something as simple as a mirror is an awesome provocation for children’s thinking.


Today during lunch we had a mix it up lunch. The children sat at color coded tables with their peers and kindergarten children. They had library time with Ms. Hensley. Please fill out one of the book borrowing contracts for the library. See me if you aren’t sure if you’ve done that already.

Tuesday and Thursday:    P.E. and Spanish
Wednesday:                         Wild Wilderness Wednesday
Friday:                                    ECLIPSE Classes


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