It Was Soggy but Still Readable


Today we noticed that our message put out last week for the deer was still attached to the tree limb. It was soggy, but still readable. To refresh your memory the message read: “Deer we are making you a cake using deer food.”
Here are the children’s suggestions about why the message was still on display:
“Because they think we were going to make a cake for them.”
“The deer wanted to sleep more.”
“Maybe they didn’t sleep yet.”
“Maybe their legs were tired.”

Readers of our blog, any thoughts as to why this message is still around while the others seem to have mysteriously disappeared?

Today we placed another message that reads: “Deer, we’ll decorate ice cream for you using beads that you can eat.”

The children clearly have a desire to know these deer. Whether or not we ever see them again, this is a great display of empathy for the deer. Today the children happened upon a spider and a worm. Conversations about those two interesting creatures abounded. I wonder if the spider and worm are as curious about the children as the children are about them.

  • Tomorrow: Spanish and PE
  • Friday: ECLIPSE classes, children choose from these: PE, art, performing arts, food, gardening
  • February 13, 5:30-7:00, Looking at project work and Valentine Decorating party for parents
  • Please collect an envelope with your child’s name from the parent table. These are writing samples collected for the first semester. I’ve kept two, the first and most recent sample. These will placed in moving up folders to be used by kindergarten teachers next year.
  • Also fill out a book contract for checking out books in the school library. The children visit the library on Monday mornings.

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