How Can We Know That?


This morning on our Wild Wilderness Wednesday the children put out a second message to the deer and all of the animals. The message told the deer and animals that we love butterflies.

It was the perfect morning for a hike; that is if you are a four year old child and teachers of four year old children. We thought the sun would shine, but as we set out we noticed the skies clouding up. Did that discourage us? Of course not, we were more determined than ever to trek to the woods to display our message. After we placed the message, and we were in a clearing and on a hill, it began to sprinkle and then rain. Nature’s shower made our morning even more special. We were allowed to play in the rain!

After we returned from the woods during our debriefing time, the children raised some very interesting questions.
Are the deer and animals actually reading our messages?
How can we know that?
Are we placing the messages in areas where the deer and animals live?

The children are:
Practicing communication skills
Problem solving
Using another language




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