I Thought the Subject Worthy of a Blog Post


Since the art of creating gifts in the Bitty Brown Bat Honeysuckle Vine room is such an important part of our culture I thought the subject worthy of a blog post. I’ll approach it from the child’s perspective. And it might be interesting for adults to think about gift making and receiving gifts from an adult perspective.

Why do children make gifts? As I watch the process unfold my brain is overloaded with a battalion of thinking/learning. Children decide to make gifts for different reasons. They might be inspired to make a gift or it might be a suggestion from a peer or an adult. So it could be an individual decision or a group decision.

Following the decision of making a gift comes the planning phase. The children ask these questions:
Why are we making a gift?
What’s the occasion?
What materials do we have in our classroom?
When are we presenting the gift?
How will we make the gift?

Making gifts releases endorphins, happy endorphins; this is obvious by smiles on children’s faces as the gifts are created. Making gifts requires thinking and fosters learning. Gift making nurtures empathy in children and kindles an early desire to show appreciation through making a gift. In making gifts it’s important to be a visionary, have a plan, understand and enjoy the creative process.

In addition to nurturing empathy, creating gifts puts children in touch with gift recipients in an analytical/evaluative way utilizing two of the highest learning skills on Bloom’s Taxonomy.. The children think about the recipients, hone in on likes/dislikes, and begin to really know the recipients. The children create a gift utilizing the highest learning skill on Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, create.

It’s interesting to try to think about being on the receiving end of the gift. Receiving a gift invokes all kinds of emotions.Children should be prepared to process these emotions. I’ll keep that for another blog post in the future.
Happy New Year to all of you!

Many thanks for all the wonderful ways that you showed your appreciation during the holiday season.

Tomorrow is Wild Wilderness Wednesday. Please remember boots. It will be a muddy trek.


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