Quite a Grand Topic Goaded by Natural Items


Recently I happened up this thinking in action in the nature area of our room. I watched and listened as this child’s thinking evolved. It was pretty striking. The subject matter was altitude. Quite a grand topic goaded by natural items. The drawings in the photo are mine. My coaches challenged me to draw thinking as it happens so that the learning can be more visible. I wasn’t sure about this technique, partially because I feel inept at drawing. The challenge is to follow the thinking more closely as it advances. Drawing moves me closer to the child both in proximity and in thinking. Drawing creates this tension forcing me to think about the learning process as it happens. The natural items photo is the child’s thinking in his understanding of altitude.


  • Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 20, please send in secret friend gifts.
  • Tomorrow is pajama day. Children can wear pajamas all day.
  • Wednesday, December 21, Children can dress up in a mixed up, silly way. Examples: inside out shirt/pants, two different colored socks, funny hats, etc. Be creative. It’ll be fun! Send in a snack on Wednesday as usual for the morning. For lunch we’ll have pizza. During the afternoon, we’ll have popcorn and juice boxes.

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