Another amazing day in the Honeysuckle Vine Room. The day started with guitar playing and singing our Bitty Brown Bat song. Then we had a mystery reader who totally kept us engaged in the book.


Since we’re still working out our animal message writing system, during Morning Meeting, we decided to do a community hike. As we hiked away from the school it was downhill all the way. Hiking back to school gave us all more of a workout since we were climbing the hill. What a nice respite when we spotted a stone wall to sit for a bit.

Two Bitty Brown Bats baked holiday cookies for everyone to share – ginger cookies and also sugar cookies. Yummy! Thanks for sharing your baking skills with us, fellow Bats.  We had one of the snacks with our lunch and the other one this afternoon.

After lunch outside time we had a reading workshop. It was both fun and restorative. The quiet reading time prepared us for the rest of the Wild Wilderness Wednesday.  In groups of twos, the Bitty Brown Bats created shadow portraits adding facial features to the shadows using natural items.




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