And Then They Brought Me into Their World.


This was brilliant!

I noticed from afar two children laughing excitedly and jumping up and down from across the Honeysuckle Vine Room. My control instincts kicked in, and I begin to move that way to settle them down. Thankfully, another need came up and I was distracted.

When I was finally able to make my way to the excitement I noticed brilliant thinking in action. Thank goodness I was distracted and didn’t foolishly barge in to interrupt their play.

I kept seeing this orange car zoom by through the magna tiles, and I wondered how that was possible since everything was on level ground and from my vantage point I could only see a solid wall of magna tiles.

And then they brought me into their world. I was privy to their skillful thinking. They had built a ramp deep inside the tower of magna tiles. Their structure was high enough to build their ramp at a steep incline; therefore the car could gain enough momentum to zoom through the structure and down the ramp at speed that took them by surprise. That’s what all the laughter was about.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized just how close I had come to interrupting this creative scientific architectural working teaching structure.


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