A Bitty Brown Bat Connecting Rain and the Golden Gate Bridge


Here’s a completed puzzle of the Golden Gate bridge. Why am I showing this picture? This morning we prolonged our WWW hike due to rain. We decided instead to think a bit about rain and to challenge ourselves to include it into every aspect of our thinking choice. As I stopped by this puzzle and chatted with this BBB here is what I gathered:
“The ocean looks like rain, but it’s the ocean. Rain goes right down, into the water. Rain goes right down where clouds are. Rain comes from clouds.” (A Bitty Brown Bat’s connection between rain and this Golden Gate bridge puzzle.



In clay, the upper block of clay, I noticed this thinking:
“I’m making a water collector.”


And because of the generosity of two BBB parents we were led to this mini Rainforest OASIS on our WWW hike. The children enjoyed hiking across a small stream and broke out into contagious laughter as they were challenged by slippery rocks and stones.



Supposedly, a little bit of grit under the nails is good bacteria for the immune system. We got a lot of that today. The rain didn’t damper the Bitty Brown Bats day; just the opposite, it enhanced their WWW.



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