It’s What We Do on Wednesdays.


The children are growing and changing quickly before my eyes. In the beginning Wild Wilderness Wednesday seemed like such a big thought, now the children accept it as a weekly occurrence; it’s on our calendar, it’s what we do on Wednesdays. Our hike yesterday was quite a bit longer. The children seemed quite happy for the added hiking distance. They got to explore the stream that goes through the woods where we spend most of our time on the hikes.

This hike’s biggest notice was the bareness of the trees. Leaves carpeted the path and we could see the sky. The umbrella of leaves covering our heads on most of our previous hikes is now gone. Miraculously, it will appear again when Spring arrives. Nature is quite the miracle.

Upon our return to the Honeysuckle Vine room, the children wrote about five things they noticed on the hike. This thinking, learning activity applied:

  • Remembering
  • Transferring thoughts to paper
  • Drawing
  • Fine motor

We can’t wait to see you tomorrow morning for our Thanksgiving Breakfast Family Feast. Thanks to all of you for making this possible. Everyone is invited. I am most thankful to be a part of your family.


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