They Weren’t Sure the Deer Could Understand…


Today we completed our twentieth vocabulary word in our new invented deer language.  Now we can begin writing messages to leave in the woods for our deer friends.  All of the vocabulary icons are hanging outside our door on tree limbs on the board to the right in the hallway as you enter our room.  Soon we’ll collate all of them enabling all of us easier access to the deer language as we write messages.

A brief history about this thinking, learning for those of you who are new to reading the blog or for those of you who might need a mini refresher in the children’s desire to communicate with two deer that they saw in the woods:

  1. The children spotted two deer in the woods on one of our Wild Wilderness Wednesday hIkes.
  2. They decided that they wanted to communicate with the deer.
  3. To communicate with the deer the children decided that they would write messages to the deer.
  4. They weren’t sure the deer would understand English, Italian, Korean, Polish, Spanish, or for that fact any written language.
  5. The children decided that everyone can interpret art; therefore they decided to communicate with the deer through message icons.


  • This Friday, November 18, our Thanksgiving Family Breakfast Feast
  • Sign up on the sign up sheet on the family table as you enter the room so that we know what food you are bringing.
  • Canned goods, gloves, mittens, hats, and scarves for Friendship House.  We’ll collect now and again during the month of December.





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