It’s the Unknown That Fascinates All of Us.


As an adult I find collaboration difficult. I rather like working alone. My own ideas serve me well, and I can move along with the project without depending on anyone else. OUCH! Maybe saying this will bring much needed change to my rebellious spirit toward collaboration.

When I open myself up to collaboration I am reminded about the joy in working with others. The strain of carrying the load all by myself is heavy. Collaborating is less lonely than working alone. And the product is so much more complete. The learning with others radiates my being. I am better!

This blog post is about collaboration and drawing big. The children set out animal feeders as part of their empathy towards two deer that they met in the woods, and actually that empathy has spread to all animals in the woods. I asked the children to draw the animal feeders as they remembered them in the woods.

In another reflection on another day I asked the children to reflect upon the difference between the last two visits where we placed the animal feeders and a subsequent visit where we noticed that the feeders had been picked clean. Some of the feeders were totally gone, only the strings were left. I also asked the children to consider what animals might have enjoyed the feast of sunflower butter and seeds. That question seemed to be the most provocative. It’s the unknown that fascinates all of us. Children are no different.

You should look at their collaborative, drawing big, reflective learning on the wall opposite the stairs outside our room. You’ll wonder as they do, who ate the food?


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