Were We in for a Surprise?!



It’s has been a week since we first put out our animal feeders.  Today we headed back to the park to investigate any action since last WWW.  Were we in for a surprise?!  Some of the actual feeders were gone, others were stripped bare of the seeds, some had only the strings dangling from the tree, and some that had been placed just inside the hole of a hallowed out log were gone.

The children decided that the animals had loved their treats of sunflower butter and birdseed.  They had differing opinions about who had enjoyed the treats.  That’s a continuing conversation.

In this post you can see two children learning through collaborative drawing.  The children were writing about the feeders that were put out in the park last week.


  • Sign up with your family’s favorite dish for our Family Breakfast Feast happening next Friday, November 18.  The sign up is on a clipboard on the family table just inside the door in our room.
  • Holiday, this Friday, Novermber 11, Veteran’s Day.  No school.

THANKS, Parents, for:

  • Endless fruit baskets
  • Mystery readers



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