“It Tells Us Where We Go.”

The children are working on another calendar icon. This post shows pictures of the children working on Spanish and Physical Education icons. This is careful, intentional learning that the children are guiding. It is their attempt to better understand what a calendar means to them. As one child so carefully explained, “It tells us where we go.”

As each icon is placed on a particular day of the week, the children know what special class they will attend on that day.  The following are a list of  challenges that the children face as they work on these icons:

  • Collaboration
  • Negotiation
  • Drawing big
  • Drawing small
  • Adding color
  • Merging multiple ideas into one icon that will fit on a calendar date

I enjoyed our conferences on Friday!  Thanks so much for your care, honesty, listening, responding, and understanding. We’re growing together on this Pre K journey.
Remember that conferences can happen anytime, anywhere, not only on conference dates.

This Week:

Monday, November 7:

  • Our Senior adult friends from OASIS come for lunch.
  • We’re having a meeting with the Golden Cardinals to plan our Fall Thanksgiving Family Morning Breakfast Feast.
  • Pre K Sing along with Ms. Frei

Tuesday, November 8, Election Day Bake Sale

Wednesday, November 9, Wild Wilderness Wednesday

November 18, Friday Morning, Fall Family Breakfast Feast:
Please think about a special, favorite dish that you and your family enjoy that you can bring to share at our Fall Family Breakfast Feast. I’ll place a sign up sheet on a clip board on our parent table so we have an idea of what everyone is bringing. Ask your child why they love this dish and we’ll write their responses on cards next to the dish as we set them at the Breakfast Feast.


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