I’ll Dream Tonight about All the Animals…

It was the perfect day for a hike!  And we were ready with over 20 animal feeders slathered with sunflower butter and seeds.  The children and two parents who joined us on the hike placed these feeders strategically along the hiking path.  We can hardly wait to go back next week to observe our feeders and how they were used.

In this post you are viewing a mosaic of pictures showing the children and parents hanging feeders at different levels and one child placing a feeder just inside a hollowed out log. The children were considerate that all animals might be able to reach the feeders.  I’ll dream tonight about all the animals feasting on the love gifts from the children and our parents who helped the children make these feeders.

One learning story for me has been that parents are listening to our learning.  The animal feeders were meant as a gift for us to place on one of our hikes.  Parents understand that the children desire to communicate with the deer they saw and all animals in the park.  Thank you parents for taking part in our learning.  Another learning story was one child making note of how many feeders we had placed along the path.  This child used both his hands as holders for the number of feeders he saw as we hiked back to school.  And another learning story read to us by one of our parents about animals in the woods.  I realized from this story that the animals are there; they’re just hiding.

Thanks, parents, for learning with us, teaching us, and listening to us as we learn.  The BBB in the HV room are lucky to have you as coconstructors of knowledge.

New Info:

  • I will be away at a meeting at the district office in the morning, but will be back in the classroom by lunch.  Maggie will have support while I am away from a teacher that the children know.


  • Tomorrow evening, our cocktail party.  It will be so much fun to be together to share stories and know each other better.  We are extended family!
  • Friday, all day long, PT conferences – Thanks so much for signing up for a conference!





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