“It’s a Birthday Place.”

This morning during choice time I happened up these two structures either being decorated or constructed.  Both of the small groups involved told me that their work had to do with birthdays.  This reminds me of the strong culture that we have built into the BBB/HV class relating to birthdays.  It appears that the children are even using birthdays in their play creations.

The first picture is a large piece of rock that someone brought in from the outside.  The child working with this stone was adding green color to certain flat oval shaped growths on the rock.  Her work was beautiful!  It appeared that emeralds had been added to the rock.  Another couple of children were using magna tiles to enhance their birthday play.  Here are their exact words:  “It’s a birthday place.”  I was immediately ready to visit the birthday place, to hear more about that place, the magic that it brought and the joy that it was bringing the children this morning as they gave away love in making birthdays special.

The children connect birthdays to:

  • knowing each other better
  • happiness
  • love
  • surprise
  • secret work until the gift is given

Please remember:

  • this Thursday, November 3, our Pre K BBB cocktail party
  • This Friday, November 4, all day long, parent conference held in the BBB/HV room.  Here is the link to sign up or check in on the time of your conference:  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090e48a4a82aaa8-parent1




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