Their Peers Gave Feedback

I watched three children playing with the language of clay.  I viewed the children at play from different angles.  After the children had played for sometime I asked them to reflect on their work with their peers in a large group.  Their peers gave feedback.  The overall agreement was that deep thinking, clay playing was happening.

The children found clay instruments to support their clay play.  And when these instruments weren’t adequate they moved about the room finding other instruments that supported their project.

In my own reflection time I noticed:

  • decision making
  • collaboration
  • problem solving
  • presentation skills
  • organization
  • organized thoughts to defend their play

Please remember:

  • tomorrow, Monday, October 31, Children come dressed in constumes all day, unless they choose otherwise,  and our afternoon parade.  We invite all to join us either as spectators or parade participants in costume or in regular clothes.
  • Thursday, November 3, our BBB/HV pre k cocktail party
  • Friday, November 4, Parent conferences all day long

Thanks for attending our BBB/HV pre k Happenings on Thursday evening!


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