That’s Exactly What They Did!

The children and I have begun conversations about learning, thinking, and deep thinking, We offer our children autonomy and that leads to greater passion.  Who doesn’t enjoy learning when learning is a choice?

Today during our morning choice time we challenged the children to think deeply about their choice.  When encountering problems, we asked them to think carefully, have conversations with their peers, and move beyond the challenges.  That’s exactly what they did!  This post shows two examples of children thinking, learning, facing challenges, and moving beyond them to create amazing work.

Today we experienced:

  • A birthday celebration
  • Spanish – shapes in Spanish
  • P.E. –  Hoola hoops
  •  A special visit from Ms. Hensley, our library
  • An earthquake drill

Tomorrow is Wild Wilderness Wednesday!!!!


  • Still looking for ASQ 3 and Home Family Survey – If not sure that you turned it in, ask me, please.
  • Return IMPACT forms – please check yours.  Each one is personalized with your child’s name.  I think there were some in the wrong hands.  Please check the name on your form.




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