We Now Have Four Words in Our Deer Language.


Check out our new installation on the documentation board in the hallway to the right before you enter our classroom.  It will give you a brief history of the children’s desire to commnicate with deer that they saw in the park.  If you’ve been reading documentation both on the walls of our classroom and on our blog, you will have more history than this installation provides.  You will have a better appreciation of the learning happening.  Look closely at the actual lagnaguage in progress.  Those are the last two panels.  The first one is the word run and the second one is butterfly, but as we looked more closely, we also noticed the words:  flower, and sun.  Therefore we now have four words in our deer language.

You won’t want to miss this project learning in progress.  The panels both inside and outside the classroom move from time to time.  This is purposeful.  As the learning is fluid so are the panels.  They are placed in high traffic areas first and then placed inside our classroom.  Hopefully, more people see the panels and the interest in our project learning grows.  As people read about the children’s work, they’ll provide new insight into the learning.  Inside the classrooms, panels are subject to movement as well.  They’ll eventually find a more permanent location as we tell the children’s story.  Documentation is important in our learning with the children.  It’s meant to inform children, parents, and teachers about the learning.

Documentation serves:

  • To inform
  • To tell stories
  • As professional development for the teachers
  • As provocation in moving learning forward
  • As evidence to children that their work is valued


Looking Forward:

October 27, 6:00 – 7:00 – Please join us in the BBB/HV room to review learning in progress.  This is a parent only event.



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