The Learning Was Fantastic!

What a busy day!  And most of it was spent outside!  The learning was fantastic!

We hiked to the park to an area new to us.  And we encountered a flock of birds.  The children are gaining new hiking skills and becoming keen observers of nature.

On the way back to school we had a special treat of lemonade and a Halloween gingerbread house.

Upon returning to school we took our butterfly to the Hill.  We took off the netting and watched.  The butterfly decided to stay with us for another day.  It attached itself to our fingers, hands, clothes and shoulders.  Since it was staying with us for another night the children picked a variety of flowers to add to the butterfly’s diet of sugar water.

This Week:

  • Tomorrow the Burke Scientists return for a science lesson at 9:00.
  • This Friday morning from 8:00-8:30 is our first Family Breakfast.  Everyone is invited to attend.  Please check out the sign-up genius to see what we might need.




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