Intergenerational Work Brings Together Two Unique Groups


Today our friends from OASIS joined us for lunch.  They visit with us once a month  and come to us from Sibley Hospital.  Intergenerational work brings together two unique groups, children and senior adults, complementing each other.

The children had lunch together with their Senior Adult friends.  They put together large piece jigsaw puzzles, and both groups read to each other.

Tomorrow we’ll release another monarch butterfly.  This morning the beautiful chrysalis had become transparent, and we could see the butterfly folded up resting and gaining strength for its arrival into our lives – quite the natural miracle.


  • Tomorrow, Tuesday:  PE and Spanish
  • Wednesday, October 5, Pumpkin Patch Trip
  • On Wednesday bring a snack to have before leaving for the trip.
  • Bring a picnic lunch contained in disposable containers for easy disposable and to lighten our load
  • Parents, please bring a recyclable shopping bag for transporting pumpkins back to the bus and to school.
  • On Wednesday, we’ll leave at 9:30 and and be back at school at 1:30



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