I Thought You Might Like to Know…

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I thought you might like to know a little about my day on Friday and what I studied. On Friday morning I joined a cohort of like-minded teachers doing similar work from Van Ness School, School within a School, and Brent Elementary. Several other schools will join us in the study across the year.

Our topic for the morning was autonomy and agency. Autonomy being the power to act separately. Agency being the power to make own choices. I found these two topics provocative thinking, and I intend to continue to dig deeper in my understanding of what that means as a pre k teacher working with children.
At times our own need to be needed eclipses children’s autonomy and agency. Paraphrasing a quote worthy of remembrance is that children are competent individuals with the right and power to guide their own learning. A model of preference for me is co-construction of knowledge. The children, parents, and teachers engage in the learning journey together.

In the afternoon I joined a team of staff from Mann on a yearlong journey studying THINKING.

Thanks to all of you for your support in Professional Development for teachers. Friday’s challenges have propelled me into full mode engagement of study as a teacher, always hoping that my own learning will stimulate the ongoing work in the Bitty Brown Bat/Honeysuckle Vine Room.

  • Monday, October 3, OASIS Intergenerational work, Our Senior Adult Friends from Sibley Hospital join us for lunch
  • Monday, October 3, Pre K Sing along with Ms. Frei
  • Wednesday, October 5, Butler’s Orchard pumpkin patch field trip
  • Please provide your child with a picnic lunch in recycled containers for easy disposal on Wednesday
  • Send in a snack as usual on Wednesday to enjoy before we leave for the trip
  • Parents, going on the trip, can you please organize a car pool for approximately 10 parent chaperones? Possibly 2 cars.
  • Please send in a family photo for our family wall

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