Writing Begins with Art


Today we experienced our first writer’s workshop.  In this post you can see some of the children writing about an assigned topic.  Remember, writing begins with art and moves through these stages:  scribbles, letter-like formations, letter strings, and inventive spelling.  I am celebrating this very important occasion today.  Here’s what I noticed:

  • The children stayed focused on the assigned topic.
  • They helped their friends.
  • They had fun.
  • They were eager to share their writing with their friends.

We had performing arts with Ms. Frei this morning.

Our morning challenge was to make a feeding place for the deer.

We took both class and individual pictures.

We had two outside play times and enjoyed the cool, cloudy day.


It appears we might be headed for a rainy week.  Please send boots and raincoats.

All children have paid for the pumpkin patch trip.

Chaperones pay $8.00.  We’ll be sending this money to the PTA so that they can write a check to the farm.  We’ll be counted as we go into the farm.  We hope that no money will need to be exchanged on that day.  THANKS!  After we get an accurate count on Wednesday, we’ll begin to plan for a car pool for parents.




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