Cake and Friends, Two Important Birthday Noticings


Our calendar work continues and very much led by the children.  You’re looking at two art pieces in progress.  If you remember, the children decided that cake and friends were two important birthday noticings.  Three children are working on this committee to create this birthday icon.  Tomorrow they’ll like decide how to proceed with the work.  They’re wondering how to combine the three pieces of art into one and into a size that will fit on our calendar.  This icon will be used to designate birthdays.  We’ll keep you posted on decisions made by the children.

It was great to be with you at Back to School Night.  Thanks for being there!

The children participated in Spanish and PE today.  Tuesdays, Thursdays and Wednesdays are ideal days to wear sneakers since we’re more active on those days with PE and hikes.

Today we released two more butterflies.  Many of the children voiced good luck to the butterfly on its journey to wherever, mostly Mexico.

The children practiced writing their names today.  Each child did it with eagerness.

It’s been a long and joyful day!  With this blog post I am off to bed.






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