They Just Knew We Would See Real Animals Today


Wednesdays are exciting days!!! We can feel the energy when the children enter the classroom. It’s Wild Wilderness Wednesday!!

At our morning meeting we took care of a couple of items of business. One important item that we’re working on is a birthday icon. A committee has been working on this all week. They are ready now to create the icon so that every time we see it on the calendar we know it’s a birthday day!

Also at our meeting we planned our hike. We decided to go deeper into the park taking the hard trail hiking over fallen trees. The children decided that maybe being quieter might enhance our chances to see animals. Now that’s no small feat for 20 three and four year old children. But the noise level from our previous two hikes was most noticeably toned down. The children were serious about seeing animals.

And their plan worked. We saw two deer, or in the children’s words, “Reindeer”. Amazing, right near us two deer were having their morning run. It was as if nature knew we were on our way and provided this gift to us. Personally, I think it was the positive thinking that the children sent out into the universe. They just knew we would see real animals today.

They decided to leave a gift for the animals. I think this is just the beginning of something much bigger. Just as the children were getting into the gift making problem solving mode we had to scurry back to school for snack so that we could be off to our next phase of WWW.

Some ideas for gifts for the reindeer

  • Necklace
  • Toys
  • Crown
  • A beautiful necklace
  • A rainbow necklace
  • A dress for the mommy deer
  • A message
  • Paint a picture for them




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