I Hope You Have a Nice Trip to the Airport


How To Say Goodbye to Our Butterfly?
September 20, 2016

Luca:          Bye, butterfly, I love you.
Theodore: I hope you travel to Mexico, quickly.
Clair:          Bye, butterfly, I love you.
Graham:    Bye, butterfly.
Siwon:       Waves bye to the butterfly.
Micah:       Bye, bye, butterfly. Goof luck, butterfly.
Nate:          Good bye, butterfly. I hope you have a nice trip to the airport.
At the end of the conversation some of the children made up songs to sing to the butterfly as it flew to freedom.

The above conversation happened this morning just before we said goodbye to our butterfly. We’ll release about 7 more.

Today another butterfly left its cocoon. Another one will be ready to crack its cocoon soon. In another container feeding on milkweed are 6 caterpillars. One has already attached itself to the roof of the container in the J position. Aha, a perfect segway into the study of the letter J.

This morning the children had Spanish and PE. They are continuing their study of color words in Spanish and getting lots of movement playing games in PE.

Maggie and a committee of two were busily working on two birthday gifts that will be presented on Thursday and Friday of this week.

The children are continuing to understand clay as an expressive language. And tempera paint has been introduced this week as another expressive language. The more languages that we offer the children the more options they have to tell their stories. I’m hopeful that the children will love these languages and hold them dear throughout their lives. Often our biggest concentration of study in schools is the study of writing as a language of expression. We want the children to have a thousand languages (Loris Malaguzzi) from which to choose.

We’re continuing our study of patterns through beading. As we make choices for play, we tag the areas that are full with shapes, designating that that area can’t accommodate any more players, supporting our study of shapes. The four shapes that we’ve mentioned are circle, triangle, square, and rectangle.

And of course our days are full of play, both indoors and outdoors, some intentional and some just for the sake of play.


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