We Need the Children to Know That Their Voice Is Being Heard


What a busy Monday in the Bitty Brown Bat/Honeysuckle Vine room!  The rain just added to our energy, and we were bursting at the seams with conversations.  Listening to children through conversations, recording them, and rereading them with the children are important values in our room.  We need the children to know that their voice is being heard and that we are following their ideas.  Here are a couple of conversations that you might enjoy.

The first conversation is entitled:  How can we make our new butterfly feel welcome in our room?  (We’re watching caterpillars morph into butterflies.)

Conversation about how to make our new butterfly happy in our classroom
September 19, 2016

Nate:      We could make a fire engine and then put a butterfly on it.

Jasper:    We could give it watermelon.

Ryan:       Make a picture for them (butterflies).

Bea:          We have to be nice to them (butterflies).

Darrell.    Tell me more about being nice to a butterfly.

Bea:           Let if fly.

Clair:         Make a message for the butterfly.

Theodore: We could give it fresh air.

Maxem:      Make a message.

Luca:           The picture for the butterfly could be a picture of itself.

Clair:           Don’t crush it and be nice.

Darrell:       Tell me about being nice to a butterfly.

Clair:            Let it fly.

Only:            We can’t crush it because the other ones will die.

Sloane:         Don’t crack it because it might die.


The second conversation was about selecting an icon to place on our calendar so that we know it’s a birthday day.

A Conversation about what birthday icon we could use on our calendar
Committee: Clair, Grace and Theodore, September 19, 2016

Darrell:      What could we place on our calendar to show the birthdays of the Bitty      Brown Bats?

Theodore:  Maybe we could put a slip or write something on the calendar.

Grace:          It’s a good idea. Maybe we could draw the birthday committee.

Clair:            Make a message or something?

Theodore:   Well, we could make something like what you might have at a birthday party.

Darrell:       Tell me more about what kinds of things you might have at a birthday party.

Grace:          Cake

Clair:            Friends

Theodore:    You always have your birthday on a concrete surface so you can ride your bike.

Grace:            Friends

Clair:               Cake

I never tire of engaging in these conversations or transcribing them.






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