Here Is Only One Example of That Powerful Work


If you read the conversation on a clipboard on the ledge next to our message area, the children noticed that we heard animals on our hike to Battery Kemble Park, but we didn’t see any. One of our challenges today in all areas of our room was to consider ways to lure the animals into view. Here is only one example of that powerful work:

In the house area the children decided to make a cake for the animals so that they might come out to play with us. Here is the recipe for that cake:
Cake for the animals transcribed exactly as I heard the children during play:

2 Carrots
1 tomato
15 green pepper things
1 orange
1 cup of tea
I cup of pepper
1 cup of barbecue sauce
20 Salmon fish
Extra pepper sauce
And now we bake it for 20 minutes on high medium
They might smell and eat the whole thing at the same time.
Surely the animals might come out for such a loving, thoughtful gift. Certainly the children are feeling empathy for the animals and have a strong desire to make a connection with them.


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