And Here Is How It Went


Years ago I read Richard Louv’s book, Last Child in the Woods. His work was a provocation in my implementation of outdoor classroom practices.
Today was our second Wild Wilderness Wednesday. At our morning meeting we asked the children to plan the day with us. And here is how it went.

  • First stage: The children hiked to Battery Kemble Park. We followed the trail for a bit and then turned around to hike back to school for water and a snack.
  • Second stage: We headed out to the Hill – a favorite play space complete with a pirate ship, fairy garden and an active garden sprinkler to cool us off.
  • Third stage: After lunch, outdoors, in groups of ten the children read a book with Maggie, did yoga, and collected nature with an intention.

In this blog post you can see the children reversing their hiking direction back to the clearing leading out of BKP and back to school.
If you’re a hiker, outdoors enthusiast (even if you aren’t) join us on one of our WWW adventures.


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