Now They Can Actually Deliver Mail to Their Peers Independently


Gently, folding into the day is the way we like to do things in the Honeysuckle Vine Room. We’re all looking for a comfortable place to transition from home to school in the morning.  Giving the children time to slowly feel different areas in the room, chat with their friends, sit with a book are all possibilities for them as they begin their day.

During our meeting we sang a greeting song setting the tone for a happy day. I played my guitar while we all sang; btw I play everything in the key of G. The children seem to appreciate my guitar enthusiasm.

After the meeting the children attended Physical Education with Ms. Melanie and Spanish with Ms. Maria. Ms. Melanie sent me pictures of the activities, and I can promise you there was no shortage of movement. In Spanish Ms. Maria continued her work with greetings. She also introduced the children to Spanish color words.

During the day we continued patterning work utilizing beads and string to make patterned beaded bracelets.

After mindfulness quiet time we had a meeting to finalize our work writing a pledge for our class to present at our banner ceremony on Friday. In addition to that work I modeled a writer’s workshop entitled “My Lunch”.

Earlier during the day just before going to the cafeteria for lunch, we reviewed our mailbox numbers. When you visit the classroom notice the mail panel with the children’s pictures and their mailbox numbers. The children can match the numbers below the pictures of their peers to the numbers on the mailboxes.  Now they can actually deliver mail to their peers independently.


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