Children Need the Opportunity to Present Their Research…


Researching photos of children in the process of research is intense attributable to the richness and complexity of their research methods.

Children in this photo are studying the stream in Battery Kemble Park. They’ve taken a couple of their research tools (noticing books and writing instruments) with them to record their impressions.

If you look closely you’ll notice two of the children recording their findings in their noticing books.   Take an even closer look and you’ll notice that the two children in the middle seem to be in collaborative dialogue.

Important in this research process for children is the provision of a venue for them to share their findings. Children need the opportunity to present their research, to listen to their peers’ reaction to their research, and to defend their research. These debriefing research sessions enable the children to synthesize research.

Providing quality time to children doing research IS a priority in the Honeysuckle Vine Room!


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