All I Have to Do Is Allow It to Happen.


We might all respond differently to the kind of day represented in this photo. I am willing to bet that the child in the yellow rain coat, at the edge of the stream, next to the tall tree loves this day. Having the freedom to embrace a rainy day outdoors in direct contact with precipitation is a dream come true. As a teacher I can’t replicate this learning experience inside a classroom. Nature, a powerful teacher with much more experience than I have, offers the real deal. All I have to do is allow it to happen.

My work/play (I use these interchangeably.) is observation, note taking, maintaining safety and being in a relationship with the children through dialogue and conversation. A hike to a stream on a rainy day, practicing the pedagogy of listening, Carlina Rinaldi, with the previously mentioned foci, is fodder for loaded study upon return to the classroom.





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