They Created This Beautiful Quilt-like Birthday Wall.



When I think of birthdays I think celebration. These are usually cultural mandates with optional variations. The Honeysuckle Vine Room has its own cultural birthday celebration defined by its inhabitants, the Bitty Brown Bats.


Here’s a brief snapshot of our birthday celebration mapping:

  • Each birthday friend selects a birthday committee.
  • The committee conducts interviews to craft an original one-of-a-kind birthday gift.
  • From the interview notes, utilizing note taking and recordings, the birthday committee designs the gift through drawn blueprints and careful selection of materials.
  • Families and friends are invited to share in the presentation of the interview and gift.


To do this work, we understood that we needed time allotted specifically for birthdays. The work couldn’t be hurried. Therefore each birthday had to be planned in advance so that the gift would be ready for the celebration.


Zhuangzi, an influential Chinese philosopher, said, “Great understanding is broad and unhurried; little understanding is cramped and busy.”


The children, collaborating with Maggie, labored for a great understanding of their friends. Painstakingly, they worked and reworked gifts until they echoed the important values of the interview.


This blog post is dedicated to all of the Bitty Brown Bats and Maggie. They created this beautiful quilt-like birthday wall.




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