Our Observation Deck Is a Place for the Children to Meet for Collaboration

Our observation deck is a favorite area of our room.  It is a multipurpose area.  In this blog post you can see two different activities.

The photo on the left is about two children collaboratively working on a Magna Tile project.  I sat for awhile and listened to the work being developed.  The two children were engaged in building a structure  with a purpose in mind.  The story line developed as the structure developed.  Of course super heroes were involved as well as hot molten lava.

The photo to the right is about one child taking an inventory of the kind of book that her peers and adults in the room might like.  She’s sitting on the last step of the observation deck with a clipboard and a writing instrument conducting an interview.  One of the books that she was publishing was about flowers.

Our observation deck is a place for the children to meet for collaboration.  These three children were developing deep collaborative open-ended stories that they could come back to at another time and rework either in the format of a structure or illustrated book.


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